Saturday 8th July.

So, I spent the day binge-watching Season 5 of Orange Is The New Black after avoiding it until I had access to Netflix and could watch it in decent quality – as opposed to some grainy online stream of each episode.

Watched a few last night, watched the remainder today. Wasn’t as good as, say Season 3, but a definite improvement over the disappointment that was Season 4 – really wasn’t a fan of that.

Where will they go with Season 6? Who knows. As long as they bring Lorna Morello, Maritza and Marisol and, of course, #Vauseman, back then all will be fine by me.

So, what’s next for the binge-watch bonanza? Well, I’ve heard good things about GLOW on Netflix, so that’s my next port of call.

Will that be any good? We’ll see.

Less blogging, more watching.




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