Sunday 9th July.

So, Sunday. What did I do on Sunday 9th July?

Well, in a change to my usual schedule of doing absolutely nothing on a Sunday I kind of stuck with that and did absolutely nothing of importance. Unless binge-watching Netflix shows is important. (kind of is.)

So, I finished off watching GLOW and definitely enjoyed watching that. Very good, if not short, series but one worth watching. Probably even if you’re not a fan of wrestling, there’s plenty of non-wrestling in it as well as bits of wrestling.

That finished and I have quickly moved onto the very highly-rated “13 Reasons Why” and I’m hooked on that. Didn’t take more than a couple of episodes to get its claws into me…as I’m writing this, I’m about halfway through the series. Might be a bit of a squeeze to fit it all in tonight…but I think I might do it.

Be silly to leave it if it was left on some cliffhanger and I choose not to watch any more after a certain time.

Anyway, this is it for today’s blog. Short, sweet and just about Netflix shows.

Well, it beats Crash Bandicoot updates? Right?




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