Monday 10th June.

The start of a new week and I’m still feeling the effects of the weekend Netflix binge – namely in the form of broken heartedness from everything that happens in 13 Reasons Why. I mean it was so, so good…but some bits in it were awful to watch. In bits. Ugh.

Even wrote about it in a new piece on the blog – Tom’s TV: 13 Reasons Why. Feel free to read at your leisure.

Went and bought the book the series was based on when I was walking through town. That’ll make for pleasant reading on the train down to London tomorrow…

Yep, another day trip to London. Another NFL event to attend. Bought tickets a while back when they were pretty cheap, not costing much more than it did the other week when I went so that’s good.

Looking forward to seeing what’s what. Have to leave before it all ends though thanks to the train. Ah well, I’ll be there in plenty of time I’m sure. Just hope I don’t get lost…

Some pretty awesome games at Wimbledon today; both Murray and Konta remain in the hunt for their respective titles. Shame I’m going to be on the train tomorrow so I won’t be able to watch Johanna’s game…I’ll be cheering her on in the sparse updates I’ll be able to get whilst saving my phone battery at least.

Time to go, laters



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