Wednesday 12th June

So, London was a lot of fun yesterday…up until the fact I had to leave early due to getting a train back home, missing out the opportunity to meet Tyrann Mathieu at the end of the NFLUKLive Event thing. Typical, right.

My night got even better as it was pissing down with rain when making my way back to the station. Glorious London weather, not.

Then the sushi I bought from Marks and Spencers at Euston was disgusting…

Then my reserved seat was already taken by someone else. Thanks.

Then, when I was back in Stoke, it wasn’t raining! But the last bus from the station to Hanley went past just as I was getting out the station…so I had to walk home.

Then the veggie burger I picked up on the way home was vile.

It really wasn’t my night at all.

So, yeah, sod last night and sod today.

The gym got my wrath today.


Anyway, it’s late and I’m busy with other stuff so this’ll do for today.

The whining is out of my system now, I think.




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