Sunday 16th July

Sunday, you again.

Spent the morning stuck on a bus, so…yeah…screw that.

Got home, downloaded Rocket League and discovered I’m still OK at that game despite playing for the first time on the PS4 as opposed to the Xbox One where I had over 1000 games played. Be a while until I get up to that amount on the PS4 I think.

Challenge accepted though.

Aside from that, not done much today. Watched the Wimbledon final, which was a typical Roger Federer masterclass.

Joined in the hilarious backlash over the announcement that the next Doctor Who is a woman. Seriously, if that’s the kind of thing that bothers people, then they need to get a grip – it’s not the end of the world, lads. Personally, I don’t recognise her from anything but I might be drawn back into watching the show after I’ve watched on and off the past few seasons.

No longer ‘must watch; as it was when David Tennant was on it.

I’ll give her a chance though. Unlike many other people seem to.

Ah well, their loss.





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